"The origins of The Pig Club"

and so the story begins..

It was at summer camp many years ago when King T-Bone was a young piglet that The Pig Club was born. While waiting for seconds at the breakfast table, King T-Bone observed a fellow camper. He had a pencil. He placed the point on the table and pressed the eraser against his nose.

One camper looked at the pushed back nose and said,”he looks like a pig”. King T-Bone held his thumb up against his nose and said, “look, I look like a pig, too”. Everyone laughed and started making pig noses. After summer camp ended, King T-Bone went back to junior high school and started The Pig Club and published the first issue of The Daily Grunt.

It was one Saturday at the Boar Scouts when Sgt. Pork was initiated in The Pig Club. Sgt. Pork endured hours of pig nose torture as clean humans tired to learn the secrets of The Pig Club. That’s how Sgt. Pork was elected defender of the pig army.

Years later, King T-Bone grew up and, lo and behold, had a son. They came from far and yonder to see the child. Out came Lenlard and his first words to his daddy were, “Lose Lard”. “What was he saying, dear”, asked King T-Bone? “Lose Lard” What is lard? Lard is fat.

What a genius! Little Lenlard is a genius! Of course if we lose lard, so many things will improve. We enjoyed Lenlard for three years and then Karham was born. She was so cute. Her first words were, “Did someone call? Did I get a message? It’s been so dark in there. There must be a message for me.” But she was adorable.

A few years later a little baby girl was born. Rachsow’s first words were, “computer”. We put a keyboard in front of her. And lo and behold she was sending her first instant message to another Pig Club member. What a genius she was. So bright, so knowledgeable. We recognized her talent immediately.

Four years later the final Pig Club member was born, Rebacon. She was so cute and clever. Her first words were, Give me a “P”, Give me an “I”, Give me a “G”, What’s that spell? So cute. Give me a “P”, Give me an “I”, Give me a “G”, What’s that spell? Rebacon was born to be a cheerleader.

One day King T-Bone came up to a child that was crying and King T-Bone said, “Lad, what’s wrong?” King T-Bone made a pig nose and said to the sobbing child, “you try it, too”. King T-Bone got a mirror and the little boy looked into it and laughed. King T-Bone realized then that the Pig Club should be national. Why should only a few select kids know about The Pig Club, when millions could have so much fun. That’s how the idea of a National Pig Club and the web site thepigclub.org were born!